Have an awesome summer

Achievement Day 2019


Southern district spring conference

The various women's clubs in the Southern District gather each spring for a wonderful luncheon.  

Each of the club President's tell us what they have done over the past year to raise funds and share their ideas with the lades.  We all leave with new ideas for our clubs.

We also have an Achievement Creative contest-the woman from the clubs enter various items to be judged.  CSWC usually has several entries each year.  This year we had Cupcakes (yummy) Adult Coloring, Water Paint, Photography, Crochet & Embroidery.  We brought home several Blue Ribbons and seven Gold Ribbons.  The women who win Gold Ribbons are then entered at the yearly convention.

It was a fantastic afternoon filled with great company, lots of laughs and we got some great ideas for new fundraisers.  We hope more of the ladies will enter items next year and join us at the luncheon.